About Us

This blog is to offer ideas and tips to 4th edition Dungeon Masters everywhere, through our own experiences and stories.

The contributors:

Chris (lordnightwinter)- 19 years of RPGs, it sounds strange when I think about it. Worlds of fantasy, fantastic locations, impossible scenarios, future landscapes, alternate universes, all of these things I have painted for my players and more. I am a creator of worlds, a force that can make empires rise and fall, I am your DM.


Lee (DMsRus)- Relatively new to D&D (2 years as a player), but the only player in my group with 4e experience, so I was thrown into DMing and I have taken to it quite well (if I do say so myself). With an emphasis on puzzles, tricks, and surprises for my players, I am constantly striving to create something unexpected.


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