Pimpin’ ain’t easy when you’re a Gnoll.

So recently my group has delved back in to the venerable pages of D20 Modern. Modern, being the post-fantasy D&D equivalent made by Wizards of the Coast, was the answer to all things urban fantasy, modern day, past and future for those of us who delve in to different worlds. With source books ranging from D20 Past, D20 Future and D20 Apocalypse there isn’t anything you can’t do with D20 Modern story-wise. My personal favorite is Urban Arcana, which places elves, dwarves and other fantasy races in the modern times.

Gnoll pimp anyone? Don’t laugh, it’s in the book.
Pimpin ain't easy!

So the recent game I’m running uses a little-known source book called (Wait for it!) Dark Matter!


Dark Matter is a supernatural horror setting that isolates the players in a world steeped in conspiracy and black ops-style covert operations. It is the quintessential horror setting for any RPG. Originally published for Alternity, Dark Matter has roots back to the days of TSR. It is based upon the RPG Bureau 13, a little known RPG of the same mien. If you have an urge to game a modern day setting with touches of horror, supernatural, aliens, and conspiracies Ala The X-Files this is your setting!

~ by lordnightwinter on April 29, 2015.

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