DM Review: Mai-Star or Memoirs of a Geisha

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So recently my players and I cracked open a copy of Mai-Star courtesy of a friend of mine. I’d heard of the game but I did not have the chance to back it. I did not know what to expect but let me just say that I am pleasantly surprised with the game, it is amazing.

You start off with the below components, it’s a simple game to say the least.
Geishas – Each have their own ability, usable once per turn or once per round. Each geisha has stats Entertainment (Mask), Service (Flask), Intelligence (Book). These stats allow you to purchase guests, as described below.
People – These people can end up being either Advertisers which boost your stats or guests which give you points and allow you to take actions. Their bonuses are on the left hand side. The top three are guests, Cost, how many points (income) you get, and effect. The bottom three are the advertising bonuses + to one of your three stats.

Advertisers do not count towards your points and guests do not add to your advertising.


The first thing you do is shuffle the deck, pick your geisha and set out a score card. Every round you get a different amount of starting cards (5,6,7 respectively). There are three rounds consisting of turns that run until someone has no cards in their hand or the deck runs out of cards. The rules are light and fast. The first player to pick their geisha goes last and the last person to pick goes first. Every round you can perform one action:

Draw a card
Advertise – Place a card from your hand next to your geisha and you gain its advertising bonus
Guest – Place the card above your geisha and perform its action (if any)
Discard up to two cards and draw up to two cards
Swap an advertiser for another card in your hand

Each person plays one action (plus any bonus actions from guests or your abilities) and that is a turn. Once all cards are out of one player’s hand or out of the deck the round ends, you total your score and move on to the next round. Turn in your advertisers and guests and keep your geisha then shuffle and deal again.

Once you have played three rounds you total up your entire score and the highest is the winner. All-in-all this is a great little game that can be fast, furious and frustrating because there apparently is a lot of backstabbing in the line of a geisha’s work.


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