DM Review: The Broken Token

So I recently ordered a set of 9 trays made for the resource tokens that come with the board game Eclipse. The company I chose is The Broken Token (Facebook and Website). First off I had to cancel my original order for monetary issues but they were fast and friendly, a definite plus in my book! So I ended up ordering the token trays off of Amazon instead of at their site although I will most likely use their site for any and all future purchases. Their storefront is well built and has an efficient layout, another plus.

I received a shipping notification at breakneck speed and got the item I ordered so fast it made my head spin. Kudos for that guys! Immediately I was 100% sure that I would be satisfied. They have excellent presentation, as you can see below:


The trays were assembled in a retail-quality plastic bag and individually wrapped in threes with instructions about the possiblity of adhesive backing. There was definite care put in to the crafting and packing of these trays. I’m sold. Everything fits quite nicely and I do not regret ordering the token trays with the optional bottoms for storage. It’s much easier to get the fiddly bits that come with this game in place with the trays and the included top. You can assemble them and store them by putting a couple rubber bands on them. I may, in the future, order another 9 and use those 9 for tops. We’ll see about that though. They were definitely worth the purchase!


Honestly I could not be happier with The Broken Token and they have a very wide range of products available on their website for board game organization. My next order is going to be either the Eclipse game insert or the Lords of Waterdeep organizer. Here’s hoping they come up with one for Terra Mystica!

My rating? If you’re a board gamer and you want to store and organize your board games properly, look no further!


~ by lordnightwinter on February 18, 2015.

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