Robotech RPG Tactics Unboxing


So I received my copy of Robotech RPG Tactics the other day. The unboxing in all of it’s glory will follow but for now just a short view of what came with my Wave 1 pledge. First off I must say that the box art is spectacular! The box itself is solid and feels as if it will withstand shelf wear well. Points for Palladium on that, I hate flimsy boxes (I’m looking at you Fantasy Flight!).


The second item I pulled from le box was my bonus Wave 1 miniatures. This bag is still unopened, we’ll get to why later.


Next we have the Battlefoam bag. This is one of the best parts of this Kickstarter. The Battlefoam bag is sturdy with tons of pockets and compartments and there is enough space inside to carry my entire fleet of ships it seems! The material is thick and strong and the foam inserts feel solid as opposed to some inserts I have dealt with.


And bonus! Look what I found inside the bag. A print of the front cover of the box. I’m quite happy with the quality of this print, it feels solid. I’ll definitely be framing and mounting this guy like a redneck mounts a deer head (creepy). Hey not judging, I have rednecks in the family.


The first look inside the box has gotten me a little jittery. The old hands don’t work so well so assembly is daunting for us precious, yes it is. Harg, SPRUES! Harg, Lots of them! Oh well, we’ll get to that down the line.


Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for dice, hands down. I have tons of them and you can never have enough dice. Weird dice to useful dice. Doesn’t matter, have dice. These guys are good quality. Solid plastic with colored pips and a special ‘6’ side. But what’s to review beyond that? Dice.

Now onto assembly. Oh the humanity. The instructions, for me anyway, were woefully devoid of true explanation so some figuring out was required. No matter, I’m a reasonably intelligent mammal so here we go! The first part I assembled was the main body of a guardian-mode Valkyrie. I chose this because it was the first sprue I put my hands on. Putting everything together (once you guess where it actually fits) is the easy part. You put a dab of glue in the hole and put the piece together, easy enough to prevent too big of a mess. The only parts so far that I have had a problem with are the nose-cone and the leg-to-torso joints. For the case of the nose cone I recommend a dab (oh so small) of glue at or around the tip to keep it flush. Mine kept coming apart just a hair.

The leg joints fit in a small grove at the rear of the bottom half of the jet body. This tiny little hole-and-peg configuration was difficult for Mr. Monkey hands to hold together without getting glue all over himself. I had a similar problem assembling the arms, they are relatively small so putting a dab of glue in a single peg hole isn’t enough. You have to line it up well so I suggest putting it down on a flat surface after applying the glue (and wiping the excess off of the part going on the flat surface!). Once you assemble the lower arm you have to attach that to the upper part of the arm. Now the arms, as I’ve found are interchangeable. You can either have the arms holding the gun or (as I have below) have a one-handed gun configuration. Both look pretty neat.

The wings were easy to glue. There is a tab and slot that holds them in place for you pretty much. The model below is almost complete. I have to put the gun turrets on the bottom of it and they are teeny tiny! I mean crazy small! So we’ll see how that goes. All-in-all except for rather vague assembly instructions this is a solid product for those Robotech, RPG, and tactical combat monkeys out there. Definitely worth the buy.

IMG_2359 IMG_2360 IMG_2369 IMG_2370


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