So the old crusty DM has finally gotten around to publishing a book. Fantasy of course, what else? Many thanks to those who read it.

Description (Much thanks to my Co-DM blogger for the edits on this!)
Alethia Rose leads the mundane life of a sheltered slave in a dying world, a life that is irrevocably altered when a young elf helps her unlock a power hidden deep in her bloodline. Embracing newly found freedom, Rose embarks upon a journey that could either mend the shattered world or send it further down a spiral of destruction. Rose’s fateful passage takes her beyond the sands of her desert home, through the underground world, and into the alien astral fade.  Along the way Rose is exposed to love and loss, while clashing with adversaries that have laid even the gods low.  Her journey leaves her questioning whether the titanic opponents who threaten her friends, sanity, and the entire known world can even be defeated.

Buy Demiourgos on Amazon!

~ by lordnightwinter on January 8, 2014.

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