A Jolly Jaunt into the Past

So my group has had a case of the missing players. One player went on vacation and the next went went home for two weeks. During this ‘off-season’ time I gave my players the choice of systems. In the end they decided they wanted to play a D20 Modern campaign set in the current time.

There was another caveat, they decided they wanted to play themselves. I had mentioned another game I ran wherein the characters all rolled D20 Modern mirrors of themselves. There are a lot of moving parts to this kind of conversion. First off you can never be 100% accurate when rolling yourself as a character no matter how thorough you are. Second it is a very DM driven format given the system and whatever campaign your DM dreams up. I chose for an open-ended campaign and in hind sight that was a poor decision. The players, as themselves, couldn’t think for themselves and find a driving force so the game split up.

The premise was as follows. An outbreak had occurred that was killing people. The first wave of deaths was not so bad, the second was worse. The infection began spreading from humans to animals and that’s when the mutations first began to take hold. The infected were no longer just dying, they were living but each different area of the country was suffering from a different set of mutations. The player characters soon found out that the virus was actually fungal in nature and it was being spread by alien ships hovering over major cities and heavily populated areas. We did not get far enough for them to discover that some people are immune and others just mutate in minor ways. We did get far enough to battle a few aliens but when the players did not even bother looting the bodies I realized that the game was over. Next time I will have a more structured campaign with a goal of more than just ‘survive the hideous cannibalistic walking mutant bio-hazards’.

Open games only work if you have one or more players with the proper drive to lead and forge the way. My leader fell short but it was more my fault for expecting him to take charge.


~ by lordnightwinter on February 24, 2013.

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