When Puzzles Attack

So one big thing I do in my campaign is puzzles, and I don’t mean the “roll to see if your character solves it” kind. The kind of puzzles I throw at the characters are almost always dangerous and/or deadly and they must come up with the solutions themselves. My most recent foray into puzzling my player characters occurred in Pathfinder. I pitched an ever-changing maze at them along with a few miscellaneous apparatuses and two challenges. One was an “Oops roll a reflex save” challenge which I will not repeat here because it’s reusable, and the second was a riddle of numbers.

The objective of the below puzzle is to get across the floor without getting zapped to death. Stepping on the wrong rune does 1d10 damage to all party members present in the room. Rune 1 (R1) does cold damage, Rune 2 (R2) does fire and Rune 3 (R3) does lightning damage. They are written in an ancient (and dead) royal dwarven language. They translate into 1, 2, and 3, literally. This is a good challenge for someone with the linguistics skill. You can arrange the runes in any manner but the sequence I used is below and the proper sequence is stepping on 1,2,3,1,2,3 in order. Unsurprisingly in a room full of three players and three spectators plus me as the DM they figured it out without having to take any damage. Kudos to them!



~ by lordnightwinter on January 18, 2013.

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