Wild Talents

A gritty, realistic superhero RPG set in World War II? Sign me the hell up!

So I’ve obviously obtained a copy of Wild Talents (See: Arc Dream) and I like what I see so far. One thing I have to say is that creating a character seems a bit daunting at first but after that it’s all d10 matches. I’ve encountered systems that are based around dice pools but none that require matching sets and measuring the highest numbered pair. It’s an interesting mechanic that doesn’t feel inherently clunky, which I am all for. My group consists of players familiar with RPGs, some marginally familiar with RPGs and a new player that has never experienced them before. In the end I feel like I can ease them into the system with no problem. My problem is that I want to PLAY the game much more than I want to GM it. However, I am the primary DM/GM/Storyteller for our group so that leaves me on the hook.

So let’s look at the background first, I’m looking at a world that will be a sort of cross between X-Men and the Watchmen. I want to combine  the super powers and a loose storyline based on the X-Men with the realism of the Watchmen. So anti-talent protests alongside the fact that they are usually the only ones standing between the world being threatened, destroyed or worse. Most likely the time line will somewhat mirror the setting detailed in Godlike/Wild Talents, being set in the 1940s in an alternate timeline earth where Talents have existed for ages but no one has recognized what they were. Who’s to say that Jesus wasn’t a divine Talent, the son of god? What about Napoleon? Hitler? The Salem witch trials? Yeah, talents.

With that out of the way, what about the system? Creating a character is based around a point buy system in which the GM assigns the value. Personally I am looking at about 250 points to start out with giving room for advancement and power upgrades as the characters develop themselves. All archetypes will be open, looking at X-Men there are so many different types of origins and I like that about the world. There is a lot of room for creativity. I myself have come up with a character concept that I am going to attempt to get some help building on the Arc Dream forums but we won’t go into that.

When creating your character you spend points on your stats (Body, Coordination, Sense, Mind, Charm, and Command. With a nod at Base Will and Willpower which are not dice pools.) which max out at 5d (five dice) for normal characters and 10d for supers. You can never roll more than 10d but any other dice you put in the power/stat can be used to perform other actions like called shots, which minus a number of dice from the ones you roll. Archetypes, which are basically the origins or source of your power and the powers themselves. Similar to stats are skills, those are a measurement of real-world abilities your character has from driving to speaking other languages. The same rules apply, you purchase dice with your points to give your character some background skills to fall on that don’t involve super powers. When rolling skills you roll your skill dice and the appropriate stat dice as well. Since this is a brief overview Base Will and Willpower are used for several things. They are the fuel of your powers and your drive. Bottom line, you mess up bad enough you lose willpower and if you lose enough your powers go with it.

Simple enough on the power side they are either an Attack, a Defense or a Useful power. Putting the obvious aside a Useful power can be anything from flight to not aging. The amount of dice you allocate to a power makes it stronger in the sense of getting a better chance of rolling matches. Aside from normal dice you can also assign Hard Dice (an automatic 10) and Wiggle Dice (a variable number) to your stats, skills and powers. When designing powers a lot is left up to your imagination. There are baselines for ‘miracles’ as the game calls them but your points are the limit. I’m excited, I can’t wait to see what my players come up with.


~ by lordnightwinter on January 8, 2013.

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