A Walk in the Past

Recently I’ve invested in some old game books. I still have my original Dark Sun campaign settings, Forgotten Realms, Council of Wyrms, but I’ve systematically played in all of the old campaign settings except birthright, Maztica and Kara-Tur. Obviously I’m referring to D&D. As we speak my RPG shelf is expanding to the point of sagging, literally, bowing down. With all of that RPG knowledge at my disposal I have access to systems that roll every die to systems that roll one die and even some systems that don’t roll dice at all. I have personally played or GMed roughly 60% of the systems I own. I have the most stories about AD&D 2nd edition so I will favor you all with a tale of how I broke and then fixed a friend’s game.

So, having invested in a few more older books I am looking forward to implementing a good number of surprises in my current Pathfinder game. Since I have players that may read this I can’t reveal much but I will delve into a campaign setting and a certain gaming group that holds a place in my heart. While I lived in Oregon I ended up playing in a game set in a customized version of Mystara. Without knowing what I had gotten myself in to I ended up playing a human wizard that fell down a shaft and died first session. After that I rolled the DM’s antithesis – the 2nd edition Psionicist. My DM at the time had been introduced to Psionics in 1st edition back when they were raw and overpowered with no checks and balances. Reluctantly, after I explained that Psionics were given more definition, breadth and limitations via rolls, Kevin agreed to let me play a Psionicist. At first I chose to exploit Psychokinesis which focused on momentum, damage and manipulation of matter. Telekinesis, Ballistic Attack, Matter Manipulation (or Molecular Agitation) and Detonate were my first powers. At least I think they were. Anyway I proceeded to smash and trash my way through monsters by exploding objects and firing crossbow bolts at them without need of a crossbow. But when I delved into Psychoportation it was on like Donkey Kong. I single handedly moved an army from the side of one river to another in order to give them a distinct tactical advantage. It used all of my power points and I had to roll my power score to do it but after I was done we demolished the other side.

In the DM’s world Psionics were absolutely unknown which put me at an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. Training was a bitch, I had to pay wizards until I fell into step with Tiamat’s minions and got trained by Mind Flayers (long story but I became a DM trump card). The advantage was that no one else could do the things I could do. I was able to travel to a distant city, obtain goods, food and supplies without breaking a sweat using Dimensional Travel and I could kill a person by putting a Dimension Door above and below them and hold it to terminal velocity. At level one I single handedly killed (without trying) an incoming character because he threatened me and my travelling companions. Eventually he had to retire after delving into a deck of many things and pissing off a god.

After that I rolled a halfling thief/psionicist that specialized in psychometabolic powers that could enhance his ability to steal. Body Equilibrium, Cell Adjustment and a few other form-altering powers were my weapons of choice. That character was roasted on a spit by Su Monsters. That was a shame because the DM really liked Halfass. After that I did some serious dabbling in magic via a half-elf wizard/cleric. That was my last character, unfortunately I moved  back to North Carolina. I have fond memories of 2nd edition but that hasn’t stopped me from trying every other system out there. I still use 2nd edition content in my games quite a bit, usually converting information to whatever system we are using at the time. In this instance, Pathfinder. In the future we may try Wild Talents as well.


~ by lordnightwinter on January 4, 2013.

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