A Fun-Filled Radioactive Time for Everyone!

Yesterday after playing Castle Ravenloft we decided to try our hand at a quick one-shot Gamma World campaign. We were able to Roll two characters and get the initial setup in less than 15-20 minutes all while I was changing diapers and fixing dinner for my two year old. That’s crazy talk right there, I know, but it was so simple to just throw something together, roll a few dice and drop them into a post-apocalyptic gamma world Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune.

After delving into my pot of crazy I came up with a backstory. They met while clearing out an old high school infested with cannibalistic radioactive robot toys and their most recent mission was to fight and drive off a group of nomadic biker rat/cockroach hybrids. Their current destination, called “Actionville” was modeled after Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune. They didn’t get very far because one of the players jumped the gun and wanted to go straight into combat. Plus I was getting hoarse.

More to come but what little we played of Gamma World warrants a hilarious comic relief-esque return.


~ by lordnightwinter on December 3, 2012.

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