Castle Ravenloft

So we tried Castle Ravenloft:

Honestly I had a good time with it. The setup is simple. Divvy up the cards, pick your heroes, set up the scenario and start off! We began using the starting scenario just for continuity’s sake. I must say, having the healer along does help but for the most part but you have to hit. My brother chose to play a wizard, and he came in late and Jonathan chose to be the fighter. The first Scenario, we devised, is more for running than fighting. After parsing out the rules and double checking ourselves for the first scenario we were pretty confident that we could tackle the second. The second quest was much simpler with three people who knew the rules. The turn order is quite easy to understand and the Turn Sequence cards are an excellent reminder for the turn order. In regards to rules, they’re simple to pick up and keep up with even if you’re not a D&D player.

It’s as simple as:

Hero goes: Attack/Move, Move/Attack or Move/Move
Exploration time: If you’re at an unexplored edge put it out and resolve any action
Monsters: Your primary antagonist goes every turn and monsters only go on the turn of the player that controls them

That’s right, the players control the monsters. It’s a little weird at first but you control the monsters based on the tactics laid out on the card. All of them, save the bosses, are self explanatory. Some of the wording on the bosses might get a little complex for someone but we had no problem figuring it out. The systems used in this game, like I said, are very simple and easy to pick up so don’t worry about it over much.

The miniatures included are great, they make the cost of the board game worth it for the miscellaneous monsters and heroes you get. There are enough condition markers and trap markers and other tokens to make up any gap and the tiles included can be used for regular games  as well. End to end it took us quite a while to finish both but we had a blast. All in all, I’d say it’s a great buy! The miniatures and tiles alone are worth a lot more than they are selling it for. Good job ye Olde Wizards of the Coast.

~ by lordnightwinter on December 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Castle Ravenloft”

  1. A fun game if your DM doesn’t show up. One can have some great moments playing this game and winning when everyone is dwindling with 1 or 2 HP and no surges left and the fighter swings a mighty stroke to slay the dracolich.

    • My wife and I ran a quick game where we actually defeated Strahd in the first scenario. It was crazy.

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