Another World, Another Time, in the Age of Wonder.

The dark crystal is a good example of a setting rich with lore. Sometimes when worldbuilding it is less important to know what a town’s main export is than to know that it was founded on top of an area created by a circle of druids attempting to seal a rift between the prime material plane and a demiplane that threatened to turn the area’s natural state inside out. There’s your plot hook for the little town your characters have to pass through. Is the rift they sealed reopening? Is the seal growing weaker? Have all of the druids died off or do they still exist elsewhere? What must the characters do to restore the seal? What monstrosities lay behind the fabric of reality? All of these questions are things that you must ask yourself as you build the lore of your world.

Sometimes if I am at a loss of what to do next I will just turn on a movie. Any movie. I will admit that there was an NPC in my world the characters interacted with that was based on ‘The Dude’. If any of my players can identify that NPC extra special XP for them. I have built the lore of the world my book is based around from so many sources I could never name them all. Dark Sun, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Middle Earth, Aliens, Planetside, Spore, Starship Troopers, World of Warcraft, the list goes on and on. A rich story trumps number crunching. Suspense of belief, storytelling, crafting a plot that the players just cannot resist, that is the job of a DM. On one of my last sessions I did such a good job explaining what the enemies and agressors of the game looked like one of my players had a hard time sleeping that night.


~ by lordnightwinter on November 8, 2012.

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