Customizing a Campaign World

So my most recent game, Incursion of the Far Realm, is going well. One thing that most of my players noticed in the past is that although my base ‘setting’ is Forgotten Realms there are a lot of idiosyncrasies. The overlord of the gods or prime god is not Ao it is a custom god I created named Mister Gone (Yes that Mister Gone) and he is a very chaotic sort. He requires no worshipers so he has no one to answer to and he frequently gets my players into serious trouble. It’s all in the name of fun though. That is just a sampling of what is different in my world.

Races have taken a bit of a hit as well. Half-giants existed in my 3.5 world, now I just use the stats for Goliaths. Yuan-ti have tribal cousins that are mostly good and lawful good called Ashkanti that look like Yuan-ti abominations, snake-men. Thri-kreen hail from Kara-Tur, where the mantis-like people are known as studious monks and enlightened individuals, they are peaceful protectors not unlike Jedi. Far to the south not far from the spellplagued Halruaa the city of Speidre exists under the (secret) rule of humanoid spiders that hail from the time of Ancient Netheril.

Forgotten Realms is very affluent in lore and flavor but with every campaign setting I touch I have tweaked and modified it based not only on what I like but what my players have done in the past. In my current game one of the players is a revenant that another player murdered over 150 years ago brought back by the Raven Queen for an unknown purpose. Two of the characters are direct relations to the heroes they are trying to locate (Bin being the son of Cornelius and Arianna being the great niece of O’Hannah), the other two are the children of orphans taken in by the group and raised because they had no other home. Every player character in the mix right now is steeped in lore that did not come with the Forgotten Realms but that’s what makes playing the game fun, this setting is ours. Shaped by myself (the primary DM) and every person that has touched my game world. Make the game your own!


~ by lordnightwinter on October 29, 2012.

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