Building a Better Dungeon

So I finally invested in Hirstarts molds. Link Here. Building this stuff is horribly fun, it’s like having the ability to create your own Legos over and over again.

My kitchen table quickly became a mess of blocks, glue, and cork board.

One thing I quickly learned is that it takes quite a few casts to create each tile. The entire set I made, which consists of 1 stairwell, 2 long hallways, 2 doorways, 2 corners, and one altar room, took me about 14 castings. That being said I had quite a few blocks left over afterward. All in all I spent $50 for a 25lb box of Merlin’s Magic, and about $100 for three molds plus shipping. Well worth it, especially if I can sell this current set of tiles and make a new batch.

Altar Room

Long Hallways


The Fancy-Tiled Corner
Corner 1

The Ruined Corner


Surprisingly enough all of the tiles assembled past the 2-year-old stress test with flying colors. The blocks are strong and the glue I used holds well. All-in-all it’s a solid investment that I hope has some return, but I’m not looking to make money, just recycle back into the hobby and get more molds and plaster. As long as I can make enough to keep myself casting I think I’ll be happy.

Stress Test

The plaster is easy to mix and pour and it was made to creep into the small nooks and crannies of the mold, so I am quite happy with it. I’ve even learned how to use the excess to fill parts of another mold or make rock-like structures for ruins or caves.

The molds themselves are well made and quite detailed. Top notch, you won’t find better ones anywhere. Trust me, I’ve looked. At an average of $34 per mold, sometimes less, it’s well worth the money to start up. Especially since the guy who makes the molds gives you good tutorials on building, crafting, and even making your own molds. He’s going to enjoy my business for a while. The community, also located at the link above, is very helpful and positive toward new builders. Very encouraging. Honestly it’s a community dedicated to building and crafting all things RPG/Geek. Now if you’ll pardon me I have some casting to do.


~ by lordnightwinter on July 4, 2012.

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