Role-Playing Gold, Part 4 – Taking one for the team

In the past while running games I’ve had issues where a player loses interest in the character they created. When that happens, I prefer that my players talk to me about swapping out characters. If it becomes a problem, a weekly occurance, then I force them to pick a character and stick with it. There is a way to recognize the signs of PC suicide. Here are the warning signs:

1.) Your PC tells a MindFlayer that he wants to give it a ‘peice of his mind’.
2.) The tense changes from Ettin to Eaten.
3.) The PC decides that the displacer beast attacking the party ‘Can haz chezbrgr’.
4.) The character in question ‘trolls’ the guards in every city.
5.) The character begins ‘trolling’ the ‘trolls’.
6.) Two words: Gnome Illusionist.
7.) Said PC begins quoting Clint Eastwood movies.
8.) The party mage begins making crank crystal ballings to random evil warlords.
9.) The party rogue trys to steal the king’s pants. <—- (Yes that happened.)
10.) Deck of Many Things ('Nuff said).

If any of these signs, or similar tells, begin to appear seek assistance for your party members. Warning: Vandrel may cause poor gas mileage, low resale value on your home, warts, being turned into a newt (I got better!), demonic possessions, and spontaneous dungeonnering. Vandrel is not for everyone, consult your party cleric before starting on Vandrel. I swear this post didn't start out being funny.


~ by lordnightwinter on May 2, 2012.

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