So I got some board games…

Mansions of Madness, MoM: Forbidden Alchemy, Wrath of Azshardalon, Legend of Drizzt, and Castle Ravenloft (I’ve had some of these for a while now, just haven’t had a chance to unbox them)
The Games!

First off I unboxed Wrath of Azshardalon (God I hope I’m spellingt this stuff right, I’m so tired I can’t see straight). Anyway the first thing I noticed, as with Castle Ravenloft, is the sheer amount of stuff you get for the price. More than that is the HUGE red dragon mini.
He has a friend!

The sheer amount of tiles, tokens, minis, and other things you get from this board game are worth it. The minis alone have tons of uses. The rules are, as always, pretty straightforward and easy to use. I’ve had a blast soloing Castle Ravenloft adventures.

Legend of Drizzt is quite similar in miniatures, rules, and tokens. The big difference is instead of dungeon tiles we get cavern tiles, very useful for tabletop gaming. And I have a Drizzt mini! WEEE. Honestly I’m more interested in the Catti-Bree type stuff but that’ just me, giggity.
The Spread

The detail put into these minis does not disappoint, especially with the larger (non)minis. Again, these games are more than worth the cash even if you don’t plan on using the small adventure books that come with them. The only thing I can say is that a few more adventures wouldn’t have hurt but other than that the game is flawless!

Oh Cthulhu, how you tempt me. I already own Arkham Horror, I love it but it’s a bear to play and I don’t have many willing players. Still though I decided to invest in Mansions of Madness and Forbidden Alchemy. The first thing I noticed in the box was a little white slip of paper that had some errata changes printed on it and I have to say, I love that. It’s nice that Fantasy Flight took the time to add that little bit of info into the box. Mansions of Madness has a more modular feel to it like the D&D board games, definitely more replay value. The miniatures provided have stands that you can fit their stat cards in, very cool. Also the bases for the miniatures are HUGE, making them unusuable for anything other than MoM, the exception to that rule are the investigator miniatures, which are quite nice as well. I chose to get Forbidden Alchemy because it doesn’t just add scenarios to the game, it adds investigators, monsters, tiles, and scenarios. I’m in!
The Spread
MoM Tiles
FA Spread

So now that I have all of these wonderful games. I need players. Damn it all. Oh well, back to playing with myself. Castle Ravenloft calls!


~ by lordnightwinter on April 11, 2012.

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