Player Characters and Evil Alignments

In most scenarios I never let a player pick an evil alignment unless the game I am running is an ‘evil game’. The reasoning behind this is threefold. First, most players think that being evil gives you a  ticket to be a right bastard about everything anywhere, anytime. I’ve had lawful evil players attempt to murder people in broad daylight just because ‘I’m evil!’ and that shit doesn’t fly. A lawful evil player will attempt to bend, but not break, the law. I would go so far as to say he would attempt to bend it to the max to suit his purposes. Second, most evil characters will not last in a mostly good or even mostly neutral party. The other party members will not abide by being chased down by the local law enforcement at every turn because Johnny evil orc decides he wants to cut down an innocent shopkeeper and rob him blind. That can quickly turn into a party witch hunt. Third, because I’m the DM and I damn well say so. That may seem crass but as the DM you are running the game, you decide the final rules. Now this being said don’t be a dick every time but if someone wants to do something that won’t be fun for you let them know you’re not having fun.

There have been seveeral times where I’ve asked people to take over DMing for a while, even for one session, to give me a recharge. It doesn’t usually work but at least we had fun trying right?

Even after all of that I have run evil games and I’ve run monster games before. My evil games don’t usually last long because the party ends up burning down a city and they become the land’s most wanted within one session. (Sometimes less!). Monster games are fun, you have the characters roll up a band of extraordinary monsters. Anything from rogue goblins to fighter bugbears or down to a kobold sorcerer. I’d love to run another monster game.


~ by lordnightwinter on December 23, 2011.

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