D&D Christmas Cheer

With the coming holidays it reminds me of some of thing things DMs in the past, and I myself, have done for my players. Call them ‘holiday specials’. My DM in Oregon would give out ‘Christmas presents’. It could be anything from a get out of death free card or a beneficial magic item. There was, however, a chance you could get something harmful to your character.

The girl I was dating at the time decided to pick for me. She picked the detrimental gift and opened it but she wasn’t allowed to warn me. The DM gave me a choice, a get out of death free card or the envelope. The envelope was my character going crazy under the influence of some kind of crazy magic and losing -2 from all of his mental ability scores. Seeing as my character was a wizard with a 16 intelligence and 10 wisdom in 2nd edition AD&D that was bad. At 14 intelligence and 8 wisdom I wasn’t going to be casting any decent spells any time soon. That character got retired all because of a bad gift pull.

I, myself, have never given bad gifts at Christmas. One year I gave my characters all a beneficial magic item. Another year we played D&D Bingo and the winner got a level and a magic item while the losers got the get out of death free booby prize. Still not a bad haul. So more often than not people will run their own special holiday games and/or give out prizes. What have our readers done in the past if anything?


~ by lordnightwinter on December 14, 2011.

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