Role-Playing Gold, Part 3 – Sneaky, sneaky sir!

We flash to a little-played game that consisted of a relatively new-to-the-game players. Unfortunately for my DMing self I had allowed any class and race combo. This is back in the day of 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. ADVANCED people, not your mama’s D&D. Well actually if your mama did play D&D this would probably be it.

Anyway, a story of a previous brutish rogue had been cycling around my group that involved one of the many Daves that I know so one of my players decided to play a minotaur rogue. So let me explain to you how unstealthy the minotaur rogue is. In 2nd edition rogue skills were based on a 1-100% system. If you rolled over your percentage you were not being stealthy.

Me (DM): Roll me a stealth check to see if you sneak past the guard.

Player (Minotaur): 45%

Me: Is that over your stealth?

Player: Yep.

Me: The nearby guard flourishes his halberd and points toward you. You can see him preparing to grab the whistle that’s kept around his neck and alert the remaining guards in the castle. What will you do?

Player: Are there any guards in the immediate vecinty?

Me: From what you understand, and from what the fired guard told you for your coin, the guards that are alone in the remote parts of the castle grounds usually travel in twos until the watch changes. During the change one guard stands duty while the other grabs the next set of watchmen. During that time the only thing that can alert the guard to your presence is a whistle.

Player: I stalk up to him angrily, my fists balled up. When I get up to him I snort through my nose, grab him, hold him up, and say angrily, but don’t scream out. “YOU DIDN’T SEE ME.”

Me: (Rolling of dice) the guard, shaking in his boots, pees himself and nods rapidly. When you set him down he opens door for you and says “I don’t get paid enough to die for the duke.”

Player: “Good man, you remember that if you decide to gain a conscience back. You got kids?”

Me: The guard nods rapidly and eyes you.

Player: “They didn’t see me either.”

Me: Confused, the guard nods then turns back around to resume his duty.

Hilarity ensues! I think we all laughed about that for the next five minutes or more. And that’s how the ‘Brute’ rogue kit was born for me. I created a special kit just for this player using a different kit; I think it was called ruffian or something. That was back in the day before prestige classes.


~ by lordnightwinter on November 7, 2011.

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