Role-Playing Gold – Episode 2, Wherein the Half-Giant does a river dance…

PC 1: Half-Dragon (Silver) Cleric

PC 2: Half-Giant Fighter

PC 3: Human Wizard

We join our player characters as they enter a small town on the outskirts of what used to be Harrowdale. After a long and grueling trek and a conclusion to one of the main story arcs the party looks forward to a little R&R. However, once they enter Shadow’s Fall they discover something sinister at work. The town’s children have all disappeared. One by one every family that had children began losing them. Soon after the last child was taken the families themselves began to disappear.

After a long investigation of the town the party came across a lone child living in a large abandoned home. The child was distrustful and near-mad and all he could say was an old rhyme that the townsfolk had used for years to convince small children to eat their greens and go to bed on time.

And the shadows fell in Shadow’s Fall
But she was always the worst of all
The children hid beneath their beds
As visions of demons danced in their heads
Do not scream or turn away
Or you will never see the day

The party, being mostly neutral didn’t see anything wrong with using this child as bait. As such the demon that was plaguing the town took the child back to its lair where the party found the missing residents of the town. Some had been eaten others were still alive. After a grueling battle the party was left with the battered remains of the demon as the survivors escaped.

As the last few townspeople left the player of the half-giant spotted the demon regenerating. This is the conversation that followed…

Fighter: “The demon is regenerating?”

Me: “Yes”

Fighter: “How Fast?”

Me: “Fast enough that you think it may be difficult to escape.”

Fighter: “The half giant yells out ‘DEMON BAD!’ and begins doing a river dance
on the demon’s head!”

Me: “…really?”

Cleric: “I’d like to search the body first.”

Fighter: “Too late.”

Me: “The half-giant’s eloquent warning alerts you to the fact that the demon
is, in fact, regenerating at a rapid pace. You arrive too late to stop him as
he jumps on top of the corpse and begins stomping it.”

Cleric: “I’m leaving then.”

Fighter: “I search the remains.”

Me: “You find a busted wand among the remains of the demon’s possessions. It
crackles with unspent arcane energy.”

Fighter: “Wand. Bad.”

Me: “I hope you have a backup character.”


~ by lordnightwinter on November 1, 2011.

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