Role-Playing Gold – Episode 1, The Doorbringer

Welcome to role-playing gold, a series of articles dedicated to the rather hilarious interactions that sometimes spawn during any given pen and paper session. I, for one, don’t discourage having a taste of crazy or off-the-wall in my game sessions. Some of my best stories have spawned from it.



Brian, playing Raist – Level 4 Human Psionicist
Dave, playing Hetfield Doombringer – Level 4 Dwarf Fighter
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition


We greet our heroes deep within the hidden dungeon of Tor’van Shadowheart. After a long session of hits, misses, traps, and other dangers our heroes are tired and running low on options and weapons. Having stumbled in to a room full of gremlins our heroes proceed to dispatch the creatures. Within the first three rounds Raist explodes a few helmets with Detonate and Het systematically breaks every single weapon he is carrying. A few rounds of fist fighting and psionic powers later they are on the verge of losing the fight. Raist is out of power points and Het was running out of hit points. Having taken weapon improvisation Dave proceeds to explain how (with adequate rolls and checks) Het pulls a door off of its hinges and beats the gremlins with it. Thus the greatclub was born in my game world. After the adventure the party pools together money to have the door enchanted and Het never used another weapon again. Subsequently he changed his last name to ‘Doorbringer’. You’ve never DMed until you’ve allowed a dwarf to wield a door!


~ by lordnightwinter on October 21, 2011.

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