Just what it sounds like, we are the Toys-R-Us of the dungeon mastering, game mastering, storytelling world. Hopefully the information that is forthcoming on this blog will prove useful to someone. The posts here will range from advise for running a game, building a world, or just the random comedic value from sessions of the past. Right now we only have two DMs, one seasoned DM and the other a very promising candidate for the mindless slaughter of player characters. I was waiting for the creator of the blog to drop a first-time post down but I am very bored which makes me very impatient, I can’t help myself.

To start off I’ve found the following websites to be handy for gaming:
Pen and Paper Games – A great source to find players or games.
Obsidian Portal – Easy to use campaign pages and wikis for keeping track of your gaming sessions.
Dungeons and Dragons – The dungeons and dragons official homepage.

More to come!


~ by lordnightwinter on October 21, 2011.

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